Crown Holdings Group’s experienced team of financial advisors, based in Hong Kong, provide comprehensive wealth management services to the affluent and those who’d like to be. Today, we are one of the primary, independent financial advisory firms in the region. We’ve maintained our stellar reputation as a result of the client-centric approach we deliver, which is focused on helping our clients reach a comfortable financial position to sustain themselves for decades into the future.

We accomplish this by understanding our clients’ needs and applying trusted strategies to wealth management, and investment management.

At Crown Holdings Group, our team will act as your financial coach and advocate to help you take advantage of the opportunities and challenges that arise during your financial life journey.

Individual Clients

Evaluate the possibilities for the future security of family by measured investment strategies working with one of Hong Kong’s finest wealth management teams.

Institutional Clients

We focus on research, strategy and execution as the foundation of a sound investment portfolio. Strategy is the process of combining our strong research capabilities with our disciplined Portfolio Management Process.


See the current shape of activity in the financial world and find out more about where the best possible opportunities may be to fit with your unique circumstances.

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Abiomed is a manufacturer of medical implant devices and one of the most
successful traded stocks on the S&P 500.

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We review your financial situation, then determine where you are now and where you want to go. We also pay particular attention to your overall life goals and values to make certain your money complements what you want to do in life.

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Plan & Execute

Identify current market opportunities, that suit your goals while striving to always show excellent returns with minimum risk. Place the order into the markets with the appropriate paperwork, whilst keeping our clients fully informed at all times.

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Monitor & Manage

Slowly grow your portfolio tailored to your needs and objectives. Maintaining professional informative communications with all active clients with a commitment to building long term wealth and a brighter future.

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