About Us

We at Crown Holdings Group are fully committed to our clients’ needs. We provide customized solutions, personal service and tailored advice for our clients to stay ahead in today’s complex financial environment.

Tailored to fit your individual needs: Flexibility is paramount. Goals and desires may change and a financial advisor should be able to adapt to ensure you succeed in preparing for life’s financial roadmap.

Supported by a dedicated professional team: Dedication is the core element in our client relationships. Crown Holdings Group team of wealth management professionals are proficient specialists dedicated to an outstanding service. There is no call centre. When you call us, you will be coming through directly to our floor of advisors and portfolio managers.

Personalized service: You will never be considered just a name. We know from experience most clients are active individuals with a family, a profession, sometimes a garden you love to talk about or kids growing up. We will get to know you and you also will know us. That makes for a valuable personalized relationship.

Innovative & tailored solutions: Because of the experience and knowledge of our team, it is critical that we take our fiduciary duty seriously and appreciate that trust is imperative. We tackle complicated challenges, such as the selling of concentrated trades or highly tax sensitive issues, with specifically designed strategies.

Your best interests are the heart of our commitment: A client’s interests will always be first. We succeed when you achieve your goals in a timely manner. We can consult with your other advisors to help reduce tax issues, plan for retirement, fund education or pass wealth to the next generation.

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