Individual Clients

Crown Holdings Group are committed to nurturing meaningful, long lasting personal relationships and customized solutions utilising this approach:

Understand: First of all, we need to understand you, your family, and your broader financial situation. We start by gathering and analysing all the relevant details. With you we then progress to understand your current financial goals and build a clear plan for the future.

Organize: Once we have fully reviewed your financial situation and personal objectives, we organize everything in a manner that provides for clear and practical recommendations.

Manage: Once we have agreed on a solution pathway, we take care of the process for you. We execute the investment strategy and diligently tend to the needs of your portfolio.

How would you like to create your future? What would you like to do in 10 or 20 years’ time? We begin with open questions and then we listen. We are also aware that answers may change over time. Listening to our clients’ circumstances is just one of the many things we do best at Crown Holdings Group. A portfolio is developed based on your specific investment objectives. Our process includes:

1. Setting achievable Financial Goals:
We start every new client partnership by exploring your financial situation, risk tolerance, time horizon, expectations and income needs.

2. Tailored Investment Plans:
Working together with your personal portfolio manager an investment plan is created. You set the overall guidelines and strategy for the portfolio, identify the different asset classes and investment approach that reflects your goals.

3. Building a Superior Portfolio:
We prefer to build a diversified portfolio of unique securities using the following three classes - Fixed Income, Equity and Cash Management.

4. Managing Performance:
Periodically you will receive a package that details our current economic view and the a clear review of your portfolio. At year end that package includes a report detailing the previous year’s performance.

5. Developing the Portfolio:
As your life develops and your needs adjust, it’s important that your investments reflects those changes. Your portfolio manager will revisit your financial goals and objectives regularly, to assure your portfolio corresponds to your updated goals as well as changes in our market forecast.

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